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RWS Air Rifle Review

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Diana RWS 350 Magnum Air Rifle - 0.22 cal.

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German Made High Performance Air Rifle

Being a first class German-manufactured air rifle, the RWS Air Rifle is the perfect choice for an air gun. There is no other air gun of this type that I have tested that has the best superior pellet performance at a high speed rate for a spring type. This amazing RWS air rifle is capable of reaching 1139 feet per second with a 0.177 and approximately 1050 feet per second with a 0.22 cal.

The RWS Air Rifle also includes a match type trigger, an automatic safety catch, a fully adjustable metal rear sight, interchangeable front inserts and a rail for scope mounts.  It is amazingly fast, accurate and pretty well crafted air gun with more than 100 years of experience.

Long Range Air Rifle

The Diana RWS 350 Magnum Air Rifle is an excellent long-ranged break barrel rifle for hunting. Having one of these rifles in your arsenal is truly a milestone for a seasoned hunter. Most rifle enthusiasts say that this 350 model is by far the best Diana model crafted by its legendary German manufacturer.

When considering the ammunition, lighter pellets are highly advised since they are sure to deliver higher velocities. GAMO PBA aluminum pellets are the perfect ammos for the Diana RWS 350. With bullet speeds up to 1050 fps, this is probably one of the fastest 0.22 air rifles widely used today.

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Diana RWS 350 Magnum Air Rifle FeaturesRWS Air Rifle

  • Spring-piston
  • Easy break barrel
  • Rear is adjustable
  • Raised cheek piece
  • Monte Carlo buttstock with ventilated butt pad
  • Beech stock
  • 11mm scope rail
  • Deeply blued
  • Rubber butt plate

RWS Air Rifle Pros 

  • Adjustable metal rear sight
  • Excellent in long range shooting
  • Ultra high velocity for a spring-type
  • Damn accurate (especially when you managed to respond accordingly with the minor recoil) 

RWS Air Rifle Cons 

  • The package does not include a shoulder sling (which would have been expected)
  • Heavier pellets deliver lower velocity (lighter ones have a higher speed)
  • Recoil

Diana RWS 350 Magnum Air Rifle Opinions

My tests came out pretty short, but I can say this air rifle has exceeded my expectations. The test results of the 0.22 caliber surprised us a bit. This may not be proven scientifically but I ran into some amazing discoveries as soon as I made my purchase. Judging from the claims that this RWS Air Rifle can easily obtain 1050 feet per second, it appears that the presumed speed is true. With a good combination of its sleek design and a break-barrel handling, this is one powerful air rifle that can take your game to a whole different level.

As a side note, the RWS Air rifle does have some recoiling motion at an acceptable level. But most expert hunters don’t actually mind the recoil much. In fact, it even feels good to have occasional recoils because it pushes the shooter to improve and sharpen the overall accuracy. With a little recoil, top hunters practice their reflexes and muscle memory often and that makes them even better.

RWS Air Rifle Comparison

When it comes to long range shooting, the RWS Air Rifle truly stands above the rest. It is definitely better when compared to other air rifles such as the Beeman RX-2 and other RWS models – the 48, 52 and 54. The Diana RWS 350 Magnum Air Rifle will also find its way into the top ranks of the Airforce Condor and the Diana 460 Magnum. 

With a perfect 5-star rating in Amazon and being considered as a consistent all-time bestseller, this Diana RWS 350 Magnum Air Rifle is indeed highly recommended for all hunters.

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