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Benjamin Trail NP Review

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Benjamin Trail NP – Nitro Piston Air Rifle  .22 caliber

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The Benjamin Trail nitro piston air rifle is an exceptionally well-tuned air gun with a smooth cocking stroke and noise-free glides. Shooting with the Benjamin Trail NP is equally smooth without the needless torque, and with its hardwood stock, stability and consistency will always be your friend. Based on actual conducted tests, the muzzle energy of this air rifle is approximately 23 ft-lbs, indicating that it has more downrange power compared to that of a standard 0.177 caliber.

The estimated firing velocity of this powerful air rifle is 950 feet per second and it can even go further. It’s no wonder that this baby is considered as an all-time favorite among many starters and rifle enthusiasts today. If you are not that well-acquainted with the Benjamin Trail NP air rifle, then this review should help you.

Benjamin Trail NP Benefits

This Benjamin air rifle has many outstanding benefits. Based on feedback, the air rifle’s positives far outweigh its negatives. Although this may not be the unsurpassed air rifle out there, this Benjamin nitro piston air rifle should meet all your standard and basic expectations – and could even surpass all of them. You need not worry about its looks because it’s undeniably good-looking.

The rifles sling has an embroidered Benjamin logo and the stock woodwork is pretty decent. Shooting with this rifle is also very comfortable and the butt pad is made of rubber to avoid any slip. Many users say that they love the less recoil and vibration brought about by its design. And perhaps the most obvious advantage of this air rifle is its NP that leaves you worry-free about pumping anything or using Co2 before firing the first shots.

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Benjamin Trail NP Features

  • Benjamin Trail NP (Nitro Piston)
  • Hardwood stock
  • Mounted sling swivel studs
  • CenterPoint Optics 3-9x40AO scope (unmounted)
  • Ambidextrous stock with twin cheekpieces
  • Break-barrel
  • Gas piston
  • Bull barrel
  • 75% quieter than most other breakbarrels out there
  • Textured grip & forearm


As a matter of recommendation, the trigger is a bit stiff. Unfortunately, shooters will need to do a long press first while holding the fingers before the pellets can be finally released. Apparently, the provided adjustment doesn’t make the rifle lighter to pull – it was actually added to simply shorten the pull. I therefore recommend that you replace the trigger with a GRT-III to take full advantage of the rifle’s capabilities. Also, remember to tighten the screws first before firing your first shots. Cleaning the bore regularly with a cleaner and solvent will also keep the rifle in top shape all the time.

The Trail NP is quite consistent when you get the correct technique of pulling the trigger. If you still want a new and softer trigger, use up the 1 year warranty first and then think about it again, otherwise the warranty is void if you replace it within the period. Just don’t rush on having a softer or smoother trigger right there and then, you might as well be comfortable with it alreBenjamin Trail Nitro Pistonady after a year.

Trail NP Pros

  • Powerful air rifle
  • Smoother shooting
  • Beautiful hardwood stock
  • No spring torque
  • Smoother cocking
  • Shoots perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
  • Downright accurate with Crosman pellets
  • Quick recoil (barely felt)
  • Very minimal vibration
  • The NP advantage (Nitro Piston)

Trail NP Cons

  • Not too quiet for an air gun but quieter than most break barrels.
  • Non-automatic safety
  • Good looking sling but poor materials (not comfortable and sometimes slippery)
  • Photo of finish of the stock and the color could be “photo-shopped”, I think (actual package is different to the advertised one)
  • Nice matte finish but without the varnish. This could cause problems during wet weather.
  • Trigger is not that good

Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Comparison

Other break barrel rifles out there in the market today, especially the ones from Crosman, such as the Crosman Phantom, the Vantage, the Quest, and the Summit, have very similar trigger setbacks with theis Benjamin air rifle. But other than that, you need not to worry about anything else. Again, it has an obvious edge – accuracy, stability, consistency, durability and power. It’s a great air gun that serves its purpose. Overall, the Benjamin Trail NP’s performance is amazing for the price of the package.


  1. There are some many models and types of air rifles available, I’m not sure this would be my first choice. Modern air rifles are much more powerful than their earlier counterparts and now often mimic the look and feel of traditional firearm models.

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