Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle Review $452.20

Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle Review

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Crosman Benjamin Marauder HPA and CO2 Air Rifle – Choice of .177/.22/.25  Cal.

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Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle Review

Developed by top air gun manufacturer Crosman, the Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle is categorized as a high-end air gun and is the top choice for the majority of rifle enthusiasts today.

One of the Benjamin Air Rifle’s best features is its wide array of tweak options to choose from and the popular shrouded barrel, making it one of the quietest air rifles in the market.

The Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle has a variable working pressure ranging between 1700 psi (120BAR) to 3000 psi (206BAR). This means that it can be fed with either HPA or CO2.

Sounds cool isn’t it? What’s more is that the Crosman Benjamin Air Rifle can also be charged via a Scuba Bottle or a Handpump – a highly favorable feature for those who practice outdoor shooting.

The Benefits and Features

Specifically designed for fill pressure that would probably be around 2000 psi of pure compressed air rather than the usual 3000 psi, this Crosman air rifle is available in both .177 and .22 caliber types. It also has an auto-indexing 10-round clip that will provide the needed faster follow-up shots.

High Performance Benjamin Marauder

According to the factory tests conducted, the .177 rifle produces up to 1,100 fps on compressed air and the .22 rifle approximately delivers up to 1,000 fps of power. This Benjamin Hunting Air Rifle has a hardwood stock topped with an ambidextrous raised comb and custom checkering.

Of course you also shouldn’t miss that the choked and shrouded barrel that improves accuracy while producing ultra quiet operation and its new two-stage adjustable match grade trigger pack with a redesigned metal trigger. This baby weighs 7 lbs 8 Oz and it stretches 43 inches from front to end. It also has a raised design aluminum breech that makes it easier to load and is grooved to accept 11 mm scope mounts.

Dual-Fuel technology allows the Benjamin Marauder to operate on either compressed air, supplied by Crosman Benjamin’s patented hand pump, or completely from CO2. With a fully charged air at 2,000 psi, the strategic multi-shot bolt-action rifle is expected to deliver a minimum of 35 to 45 consistent accurate shots with the factory setup.

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Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle Features Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle

  • About 85dB (low-medium noise).
  • 20″ (508mm) Barrel Length
  • 43″ (1092mm) overall length
  • Magazine Capacity 10 pellets/clip
  • Rifled and chocked barrel
  • Dovetail 11mm scope mount
  • Weighs 7.5 lbs (3,4kg)
  • 2 stage adjustable trigger (of your choice)Crosman Benjamin Marauder
  • About 1,5 lbs (680g) Trigger weight
  • Original, ventilated Butt Pad (can be adjustable)
  • PCP(Pre-Charged Pneumatic) or CO2 fuel
  • Manual safety (lever in front of the trigger)

Benjamin Marauder Recommendations 

With the Benjamin Marauder, backyard pests and those obnoxious little animals will certainly be reduced if not exterminated. Neighbors might also find this air rifle to be friendly, considering its super low and sound. I personally know a few professional pest exterminators who have been using the Benjamin Air Rifle for a long time. There must be a reason why it’s a favorite, and fortunately, the reasons are rather obvious.  

As you would expect from a PCP air rifle, the Benjamin Air Rifle is downright accurate. The lack of recoil and smooth operation even with heavy ammo in .22 calibers is one remarkable thing about this rifle. Its finish and body are top of the line and it even comes with fixtures for a shoulder strap – which only a few air guns have. 

This is a full sized-weight gun and proves to be very useful if you like to hunting outdoors for long distances. The bolt mechanism and the 10 round mag is another amazing feature of this rifle. Honestly, it’s the perfect deal for the size of a penny. I highly recommend that you try this air rifle out.

Crosman Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle Pros Crosman Benjamin Marauder

  • Accurate plinker
  • No recoil (based on experience)
  • Ultra low noise
  • Shrouded barrel
  • Sharp and accurate
  • Steady and stable
  • Well-crafted

Crosman Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle Air Rifle Cons

  • Not the lock & load type (you need to follow the manual carefully for fine tuning to get the precision desired)
  • It’s basically “air hungry” (needs refill after 20 powerful shots)


The Benjamin Air Rifle has got everything that a shooter would need – accuracy, less noise and minimal recoil. Compared to my own Remington rifle, I should say that this one has got what takes to supersede the former’s class.

Albeit both air rifles are fairly accurate and good, personally, I like the feel of the Crosman Benjamin Marauder even more. It’s a sexy toy that perfectly fits into my hands and it has a good grip too. Hunting has never been this good.

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