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Beeman Air Rifle

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Beeman Air Rifle .177 cal. with 4×32 mm Scope

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Beeman Air/Pellet Rifle Overview

One of the best cheap air guns for beginners is this Beeman Air Rifle. This entry level pellet rifle comes with an ambidextrous stock and an automatic safety feature, making it as the ideal weapon of choice for starters. With its short pull length, the cocking action is amazingly fast and its dial-in scope is highly accurate when set.

Ideal beginners Air Rifle

An aspiring hunter will definitely be impressed with what the Beeman Air Rifle has to offer. This rifle combo sports an automatic safely feature that prevents accidents and other unnecessary errors. Just a little recoil here and there with the Beeman Guardian pellet rifle and you will feel definitely feel what an air rifle really is. Technically, it has a caliber of 0.177 and when unleashed into the air, it can travel at a maximum velocity of 550 feet per second.

Many expert hunters and rifle enthusiasts are saying that the Beeman Pellet Rifle is the ideal youth model that must be used with caution. Albeit this rifle is a little light, it still kick’s ass. Backyard hunting with a Beeman’s beginner’s pellet rifle is like jumpstarting your shooting interest to a whole new level. Simply aim the rifle and pull the trigger, then you will be surprised to see what it can achieve for you. Considering the price tag, it’s all worth it.

Beeman Air Rifle FeaturesBeeman Pellet Rifle

  • 4×20 Scope
  • Ambidextrous stock                                                        
  • Automatic safety
  • Easy to cock
  • The muzzle break makes the rifle very quiet
  • Great value and great equipment for the learning shooter
  • Caliber: 0.177
  • Velocity: 550.00 ft/sec
  • Muzzle brake, Ambi Stock
  • Limited One Year Warranty

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Beeman Pellet Rifle Pros

  • Automatic safety (ideal for starters to prevent accidents)
  • Shorter pull length
  • Precise accuracy after using a few monthsBeeman Pellets
  • Easy to cock
  • Dial-in scope (very accurate once set)
  • An accurate beginner rifle
  • Very affordable for what it can give you

Beeman Pellet Rifle Cons 

  • Sounds buzzy when fired
  • Trigger pull is stiff
  • Break-barrel requires a grown-up muscle
  • Some recoil (acceptable level) 

Good entry level Air Rifle with Scope

Although the Beeman air rifle and scope may not be your ideal top of the line air rifle, for the price you it will not be disappointment. However, if you are fully compelled to get this baby, then you can purchase one and after using it a few months, you may opt to upgrade the scope of the rifle to increase its accuracy and precision.

But for a very affordable air gun like the Beeman Air Rifle, having one in your arsenal of weaponry can be very advantageous.  Once you dialed-in the original scope, your margin of error in accuracy is fairly slim. Remember that a properly sighted scope will perform well in any rifle. So better explore the potential of the original set-up first before attempting to upgrade or anything. I am pretty sure that the original setup of this pellet rifle will work out just fine for you.


To add, different hunters have different needs and nearly all shooters out there usually customize their rifles based on their preference. You can try using different pellets and see which one works for you best. I would suggest using PBA (Performance Ballistics Alloy) ammos than the lead type because PBAs are quite known to enhance shooting, although this may not be true for all. In my experience, PBAs produce a humming sound when fired but it doesn’t actually affect the accuracy of the shot.

A word of caution though, the trigger of  this pellet rifle is a little stiff. So I advise you to do it slowly, taking one deep breath at a time while relaxing before finally pulling it.  Sooner or later, you’ll get used to it. When held properly using middle weight pellets. This air rifle is extremely accurate,  a target within 20 to 25 yards is so easy to get. For a beginner, this one is surely something.

Beeman Air Rifle Comparison

If we will compare the Beeman Pellet Rifle it with other beginner rifles in the market such as the Crosman Phantom, the Beeman emerges better. Although both air rifles recoil at a certain level, the phantom has a bit more. As I have said, you can’t go wrong with the this air rifle. You might want to try exploiting all its potentials first before deciding to upgrade its parts or even buying a new one.

Maybe because for me, it’s two thumbs-up for reliability and performance, considering its price. Overall, the Beeman Air Rifle can get your shooting skills in no time like a pro. Upgrades can be done after 6 months of regularly shooting.

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